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All about Chumbak
We’re 5 years old. Wow. 5 years old. Founded in 2010, our dream was to make some really fun products with some epic design. Along the way, the kind of products that we made grew from Souvenirs, Stationery, Tees and Boxers to Phone Cases, Jewellery, Laptop Sleeves, Bags and Wallets to eventually a whole lot of stuff for our homes like Furniture, Lighting, Crockery, Rugs and loads more.

We have over 35 Pop up Stores in your favourite malls all across India, with loads more coming soon. Our really large Flagship Stores in Delhi and Bangalore house the entire Chumbak range and we’re opening a whole bunch more. All this has culminated in the launch of a completely new look for Chumbak which has garnered us many rave reviews and allowed the brand to express itself in a much more comprehensive way as a lifestyle brand. 2015 will add a whole lot more to this story. Stay tuned. #Promise :)

Headquartered in Bangalore, we’re based out of Indiranagar, in the heart of the city. Working at Chumbak is all about moving fast and smart. It is a lot of fun and at the same time it’s about constantly learning and applying yourself every day. The teams work very closely with each other and there are no doors that need to be knocked on to have a discussion. It is this environment that makes working at Chumbak a pleasure.

Why Chumbak?
Well, why Chumbak. That’s a great question. We’re a fun startup. We make fun products. We love colour. We love challenging the status quo. (Sounds like gyan, but it’s true) :) We don’t think outside the box. We only use boxes for packaging. (Ok. That was really bad. Please remind us to give you a free magnet if hired. And a box.) We’re growing really really fast. We want to make a difference. We love design. Scratch that. We obsess over design. We have a sense of humour. We’re young. You’ll get to work at the most awesome Chumbak Studio. We goof around, but we also take what we’re doing really seriously. Also if it helps, we’re huge foodies :) 

What kind of people do we look for?
A lot of people ask us, “what kind of people do we look for. What kind of people finally get hired to work at Chumbak.” Honestly, there’s no easy answer to this. But we put down some traits that we found common across the folks that make Team Chumbak. 
  • Hard working. Sounds cliched, but it’s true. We work our asses off. We’re passionate about what we’re doing and we’re here to do some epic work.
  • Passion. We’re all passionate people. Passionate about a million things. It’s that passion that shows at work. We laugh, we fight, we argue, we do fun stuff.
  • Self Starters. We don’t believe in hand holding. There’s no manual for what we do. We don’t wait for others to teach us stuff. We learn on the job. Without egos.
  • Organised and detail oriented. Self explanatory.
  • Epic Communication Skills. 
  • Experiment. We love to experiment. We makes mistakes all the time. But we try. And that’s what makes us tick. 
  • Respect. We respect each other. Doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 40. Your opinion matters.
Yup. That's all. Quite impressed that you've read all this gyan. You absolutely must apply for a job. Don't you think?

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